Added translation strings

I've updated the mod page with the following file: VictorAndrade_DeepConversations_Strings_EN_US.xml

This file regards to people who want to translate the mod. If that's not you, then you don't need to download this. Here are some general guidelines to help you translate:

  • Translate only the text in between the <STR> tags;
  • Do not modify special characters.

If you have a translation, post a link to it on a comment here and I'll add it to the game as soon as I can. Of course, active patrons that are a part of The Ducky Place can post their translations there and have priority over other translators.


DeepConversation_Strings_EN_US.xml 8 kB
Jul 13, 2019

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Here is Russian translate

Hello! I tried to translate this mod. Because there are no verbs To Be and articles in Russian, and because I didn't know the context, omissions were left and the most common words were used, for Herself, himself e.t.c. I Hope you will like this translation.


Here is Polish translation

There isn't Polish version of ''the''.

There are few versions of words  like ''herself'' and without context I needed to just put the most general versions.

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Here's russian translate.


Слова "ихнее" не существует. "Them" переводится как "им".  Переводы Talk-suffix'ов тоже не совсем литературны. "What do you think?" не является выражением "О чём ты думаешь?", это скорее "Как ты думаешь?".

Также я задумалась о переводе множества наших русских падежей...


Ааааа какой же я безграмотный. Вот позор мне, русскому человеку(