Added translation strings

I've updated the mod page with the following file: VictorAndrade_DirectControls_Strings_EN_US.xml

This file regards to people who want to translate the mod. If that's not you, then you don't need to download this. Here are some general guidelines to help you translate:

  • Translate only the text in TextString="text";
  • Do not translate game variables such as {0.String} or {0.Number};
  • Do not translate html markups such as font color='#FF0000';
  • Do not modify special characters.

If you have a translation, post a link to it on a comment here and I'll add it to the game as soon as I can. Of course, active patrons that are a part of The Ducky Place can post their translations there and have priority over other translators.


VictorAndrade_DirectControls_Strings_EN_US.xml 6 kB
Jun 16, 2019

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02 is traditional Chinese, 01 is simplified Chinese but not supported before. After this update, the game can recognize it, so I add it for my translation. Because it is not convenient to use origin in most parts of China, a large number of players will change to simplified Chinese on steam.Sorry to bother you.

Here's a Spanish/Español translation for the mod. Thanks :D

Here's a Dutch translation that should normally work with both Dutch and Flemish (Belgian Dutch).


Hi! Here you have the Spanish translation!

Here you go! The dutch translation;

Dit is de Nederlandse vertaling!

Excuse me, but the file doesn't exist, according to the site.

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Hello, i made a Russian translate

'Ello! I translated the mod to Swedish c:


Hey, I translated the mod to Polish! Pozdrawiam & dzięki 🙃

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Hello, made a French translation, I hope it's good enough.!zGQQwSja!8dEPNGdWGtAbqn-UpbIh8JzGO42jnJI3Tk002FRICvE

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Hey,this is the Turkish translation. I did my best.Hope you like it.Thanks for this  mod :)


Unfortunately, I was not able to find the Turkish language in The Sims 4 files.


Hey, this is the traditional Chinese translation of Direct Controls. Thank you for your production and look forward to better improvements.


Hey, I made an italian translation of your mod, here's the link: