Update v1.0.1 - Island Living patch compatibility fix

A quick hotfix update to make the mod compatible with the newest 1.52.100 patch released June 2019 in preparation for Island Living.


  • Fixed automatic traversal system: The only thing that the new patch broke was the automatic traversal system, which was throwing exceptions everywhere. It's all fixed now.


VictorAndrade_DirectControls.zip 918 kB
Jun 19, 2019

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Sadly, the exeptions thing wasn't fixed, it kept throwing so many of those notifications, and I did have the updated version, I will reply whether getting rid of it from my folder helped or not, my game loads for like 10-15 minutes...

Edit: So it still does it, sorry for instantly thinking it was from your mod, I saw the changelog and thought that's what caused it, well... And I honestly don't know how the walking works, I press F1 and nothing happens, at all, and yes the dialog shows up when I have the mod, but nothing...

If any of your mods is throwing exceptions, that means there's something very wrong and that may impact other mods aswell. Make sure you updated all your mods to the current version of the game, and remove all the ones that the creators didn't update. This list from SimsVip shows a lot of the mods that are compatible, and the ones that are broken by the new patch.

Also, as stated in the mod page, Direct Controls is currently conflicting with TwistedMexi's mod that lets you use freecam while in build mode. Do you happen to have that one installed in your game?


Well, I found out that it was a mermaid mod causing it, and I didn't have a use for the freecam mod, so I never had, never knew it existed even, but it's solved and I get the usual one exception every 10 minutes thing now, which isn't that bad for me.