Update v1.1.1 - Improved first person controls

An update to fix and improve upon the first person controls from v1.1.0.


  • Normalized rotation sensitivity while in first person: A and D now rotates your Sim at the same pace as W + A or D. You can increase/decrease the rotation sensitivity by going to the mod settings ("dc.settings") in Advanced Settings -> First Person Rotation Sensitivity.
  • Fixed camera forward snap while in first person: In first person, the camera will now tend look where your Sim is going ONLY when they're moving.
  • Fixed footstep sounds while in first person: Fixed a bug where the footstep sounds wouldn't play while walking in first person.
  • Small UI fixes: Reset Default Settings dialog options now correctly says Yes / No instead of Ok / Cancel.
  • Added new languages: Direct Controls is now available in Polish. Pozdrawiam & dzięki! 🙃

To install the new update, just download the mod again and replace the files in your Mods folder.


VictorAndrade_DirectControls.zip 929 kB
Jun 27, 2019

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